Goutam Bagchi ( Manager Operations)looking the Exports of NUXO Exports Pvt.Ltd

I am working in M/S Nuxo Exports Pvt .Ltd as an Operations Manager .From the begging of my joining in this organization i am looking the entire operation from arrangement of the container from the help of Shipping Agent and also negotiation with Rice Mill for supplied best goods within our specification and as per our price schedule . after that Negotiation i am trying to contact with shipping agent for booking the Container .When the booking is confirmed by the shipping Agent there allotted the Container and empty container Fumigation and empty container survey is started after finished the aforesaid work container are proceed to Rice Mill then another survey for standard of Weight and cleanness and Quality assurance of Rice as per the Surveyor Schedule   after that loading is Started .Loading Container is weight  and proceed to Dockyard for Loading Container Fumigation and Phytosanitory analysis is begun after that container are loading on the Vessel for Shipment to the destination Country.For Smooth operations of Exports i have cheeking the Below mention Documents Such as:-

1) Commercial Invoice

2) Bill of Lading

3) Certificate of Origin

4) Packing List

5) Empty Container Fumigation Certificate

6) Loading Container Fumigation Certificate

7) Weight & Cleanness Certificate

8)Weightment Certificate given by the Dockyard

9)Customs Clearance Certificate

10) Insurance Certificate

11) Phytosanitory Certificate

Apart from other related duties to Exports  such as:-

  1. Quotation taken from the each supplier for matching the price of the goods which would be exports
  2. Data Based Supplier List
  3. Negotiation for Rate of the goods which would be export
  4. Arrangement money for the shipping bill




Concept of Media & Role of Advertising in our Lives

Device that coverts sound and electrical waves into audible relays, and is used for communication. The telephone consists of two essential parts; a microphone and a speaker. This allows the user to speak into the device and also hear transmissions from the other user. The invention of the first telephone dates back to 1896. Some of the first telephones required an operator to connect calls between users, but with the advancement of technology, calls are now connected automatically. Telephones formally utilized analog signals to transmit sounds, but most calls are now placed over digital networks.

 Introduction what is is advertising and different Media
So as to create awareness this is a fine art man has perfected over the years thou type and form of advertising has undergone has a phenomenal Change .
While our ancestors relied on word of mouth advertising ,it has today taken on different form like advertising through press ( Newspaper, and Magazines), electronic media ( Radio & TV) , outdoor Media and most recently through internet. These are far more effective and have a greater reach.

Importance of advertising on our daily lives is all pervasive. there is no part of our lives unaffected by the onslaught of adverting. The finest of the product would not find a market and would rot in go-down, unless it is properly advertised . Not only has it continued to our economic growth but has also helped in the  field of healthcare ,entertainment , and education it has proved to be an effective tool for the spread of knowledge and has contributed vastly to improving the quality of our daily lives .

Advertising effect in business and commerce
Advertising has changed the very style and concept of doing business ,making it more scientific and enhancing its scope. Consumer can be induced to by a particular product by effective advertising . It has also opened up new horizons and removed all from of geographic language and social barriers.it is affulate also being increasingly used in the political sphere, we find most political parties  and even candidate ,caring out well researched  advertisement Camping to boost or acquire an image . Which is Crucial for victory , in its contribution, that some business houses earmark a major percentage of their annual expenditure to this head alone . it so profound is the effect of advertising in modern life that it is in conceivable to imagine life without it not only has it contributed to our economic growth but in the field of healthcare, entertainment, and education. In fact it has proved to be an effective tool for the spread of knowledge and has contributed vastly improving the quality of modern life.