About Myself and my Activities

I am an educated person and having B.Com/LLB Degree and having 27 years Sales & Marketing Experience in FMCG/Pharmaceuticals/MLM/OTC/Cosmetics Products Sales & Franchisee and Channel Development in Various Company in India.I Come from a very respectable Family,and permanently residing in Malda Town. Recently I have Join M/S NUXO EXPORTS PVT.LTD as a Manager ( Operations). My responsiblity being an operations manager typically ensures smooth operation of various processes that contribute to procurement of goods and services of an organization,and my role of an operations manager is very wide and encompaases many operationalareas such as 1) Logistics Management,2) Budget Management,3) Operational Strategist,4) Manage Supports Services,5) Managing the third Party Relations.
This is very challenging job and i Appreciate that Challenges.Nuxo Exports Pvt.Ltd has begun its exports operations,from the logistics management part my responsibility to ensures to allotment of the container with the help of shipping Agent , and part of duties to survey the container with help of surveyer that the container are properly clean/wash /dry and also cheeking the empty container fumigation is properly done by the fumigation Company.and container proceed to Rice Mill for loading the Rice in the Container,before that survey company and cheeking by the listed surveyer the quality of rice as per specification or substandard. If the loading of the container is properly loading after that container proceed to dockyard for loaded container fumigation,and phytosanitory cheeking and weightment certificate by the rice mill and dockyard and container ready for shippment.Other part of Responsibility of mine is Documentation for Exports
1) Empty Container Fumigation
2)Fumigation(Loaded Container)
3)Phytosanitory Certificate
4)Survey Certificate for Cleanness
5)Survey Certificate For Quality
6)Commercial Invoice
7)Packing List
8)Weightment Certificate issued by the rice mill and dockyard
9)Custom Clearance Certificate
10)Certificate of Origin
11) Bill of Lading
Other part of Duties is Budget Management-The operations may obtain the requirements for logistics and coordinate with finance department to obtain the necessary approval for the Buget. The Manager ensures that quality equipment are procured within the budget.
Other part of Duties is Operational Strategist-Apart from the logistics management the operations Manager plays a ke role in challking out the overall operational policy,the operations manager could determine the types of equipments needed to fullfilling the organizational quality policy.The Operational Manager could also formulate suggestions on how to make an optimum use of resourses of the organization.
other part of duties is Manage Support Services- Each support service has its own set of capabilities and key responsibility areas that finally contribute to the organizational goal.The operations Manager play a vital role in the maximizing the output of the various support services. The Manager may inconsultation with it services personnel-procure servers that help the organization store huge amount of confidential data in a secure manner.
other part of my duties is -Managing Third Party Relations- An organization may make use of different third part services, such as security,administrative assistants , and office conveyance. The operation manager needs to ensures that the standard procedures are followed when third parties are hired. also manager needs to ensures that necessary administrative and legal formalities is completed. Lastly the manager ensures that the tird part properly execute the agreed terms & Condition


2 thoughts on “About Myself and my Activities

  1. The Fullfillment of expetations that come from wearing hats seems to be most challeging aspect of an operational Manager may not be expected to be a specialist in everything ,the expectation to do well in each different role many experts belive that the role of an operations manager is probably one of the most challenging roles in the industry. The Challenges Just seemed to have become bigger in the contex of globalization


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