Export Documentation & Images of Exports & Import

Images of Export
Images of Export
I  am working in Nuxo Exports Pvt. Ltd as an operations Manager and i am given the necessary document to be needed who are trying to Start Exports Business.

Exports documents based on the Functions Performed by the are badly Classified  into four types.

  1. Commercial Documents
  2. Regulatory Documents
  3. Exports Assistance Documents
  4. Documents Required by importing Countries.

Let us now discuss the specific documents and functions performed by the under Category.

Commercial Documents:-

  1. Commercial Invoice :- This is first basic and the only complete document in an export transaction . It is in fact a documents of contents containing information about goods ,Harmonized System,Nomenclature(HSN) , Price Charged, the terms of shipment and marks and number of packages containing the merchandise..

The Exporter need this for other purposes also such as :

  1. Obtaining export inspection Certificate.
  2. Getting Excise Clearance .
  3. Getting Customs Clearance.
  4. Security such incentives as such compensatory  support(CCS) and Import License .

This document is prepared at both the Pre-Shipment and Post-Shipment Stages.

2) Bill of Lading:-

Bill of lading (B/L) is a document which is issued by the shipping Company .

Acknowledging that the goods mentioned therein are either being shipped or have been shipped.This is also undertaking that the goods in like order and condition as received will be delivered to the consignee , provided that the freight provided that the freight specified  therein has been duly paid.

Bill of lading services three distinct functions .

  1. It is an evidence of the contract of affreightment (Transport).
  2. It is a receipt giving by the by the shipping Company for Cargo received by it.
  3. It is a Document of title to the goods Shipped .

The bill of Lading gives the details about the exporter, Carrying Vessel,goods Shipped ,Port of Shipment ,destination, consignee and the part to notified on arrival of the goods at destination.Bill of lading in made the sets.


Certificate of Origin-: This Certificate is issued by the independent bodies like Chamber of Commerce ,or export Promotion Council in the exporting country. This is a Certification that the goods being exported were actually produced in that particular Country.

Inspection Certificate:-

Weight and quality certificates should be provided in accordance with governing USDA/GIPSA regulation for loading at port and loading at source/Mill Site as appropriate a Certificate of Origin certified by the local Chamber of Commerce at local port and a Phytosanitory Certificate issued by APHIS/USDA and fumigation Certificate are to be provided to the buyer, cost of inspection, as well as certifictes/Documents at the load Port are usually the responsibility of the Seller. Independent inspection  Certificates may be required in some instances.

Fumigation Certificate:- The fumigation certificate provides evidence of fumigation of exported goods (Especially Agricultural Products, used clothing etc. This form assists in the quarantine Clearance of any goods of the Plant or Animal origin. The Seller is typically required to fumigate the commodity at his/or her expense a maximum of 15 days prior to loading.

Phytosanitory Certificate:- All Shipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables,Seeds,Nuts,Flour,Rice, Lumber, Plants Materials require a federal phytosanitory Certificate. The Certificate must verify that the product is free from Specified Epidemics and or agricultural diseases.Additional information and forms are available from Animal and Plat Health Inspection

Radiation Certificate:- Some Countries including Saudi Arabia may require this certificate for some Plant and Animal imports. This Certificate States that the products are not contaminated by Radioactivity.

Weight Certificate:- A certificate of weight is document issued by the Customs, Certifying weight of exported goods

Customs Clearance Certificate is needed for export of goods

Packing List is also needed for export of goods

Insurance Certificate:- Insurance certificate are used to assure consignee that insurance will cover the loss or damages to the cargo during transit.These can be obtained from your freight forward or publishing house.

SWITCH BILL:- In the Normal Course of Business you might have come across the term Switch bill of lading. A “Switch” Bill of Lading is the second set of bill of Lading that may be issued  by the Carrier (Or Agent) in the exchange for the first set of bill of Lading originally issued when the shipment was effected,document required by importing countries.

Some of the Well -Known documents are as Follow:-

  1. Consular Invoice:- It is Usually issued on the specified form by the consulate of the importing Country situated in the exporting Country. It gives a declaration about true value of goods shipped.The Customs authorities of importing Company change valor em based on the mentioned on the Consular Invoice.
  2. Certificate of Origin:-  This certificate is issued by the independent bodies like chamber of Commerce or export promotion council in the exporting Country. This is a Certification that the goods being exported were actually produced in that particular Country.
  3. G.S.P Certificate of Origin:- Goods Which get the benefit preferential import duty treatment in countries which implement the Generalized System of Preferential (GSP) Certificate of Origin.
  4. Customs Invoice:- It is also made out on a specified form prescribed by the customs Authorities of Importing Country. The details given on the documents will enable the customs authorities of the importing country to levy and  change import duty.
  5. Certified Invoice:-  This is the self certified invoice by the exporter about the origin of the good

Images of Export


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